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At Jammy Constructors we ensure that the interests of all stakeholders are taken into account and the work we do benefits the community at large

This section demonstrates how we put our commitment to action.

Employee and Site Health & Safety:

Jammy’s management demonstrates its commitment to employee health and safety (H&S) by taking the following steps:

Allocation of adequate resources (e.g. time, money and men) to H&S issues.

Designing and implementing a rigorous H&S plan

Ensuring timely development, maintenance and implementation of the H&S management system of civil operations.

A construction site is inherently risky and we acknowledge the fact that there will always be the risk of an accident occurring, but we aim to reduce this risk to an acceptable level and train all of our employees (and those working for our subcontractors) to cope with emergency situations.

A copy of our QUALITY FIELD PLAN MANUAL can be downloaded here:

We, at Jammy, take Quality Control very seriously and place it right up on our priority chart. Our Quality Field Plan ensures that all necessary inspections, tests and documentations for the contract take place in a timely manner and our staff and clients are made aware of the persons responsible for undertaking these assignments.

We believe that man has a moral and social responsibility towards both the environment and the local community, which is why we take all the necessary actions to ensure those around us benefit from our endeavors.
We ensure that proper disposal of waste and hazardous materials/ chemicals takes place from our construction sites and appropriate warning signs are posted to ensure that unassuming civilians do not enter a prohibited or dangerous area.
In addition, we also run an active internee program to educate college and university students in the fields of business and construction management and various engineering disciplines. Furthermore, we aid the development of the local community by supporting charitable organizations wherever our work takes us.
These are small steps, but we believe that every